Unique Showroom

Designed to display complete products and exhibit major supplier components

Influenced by automobile and car dealerships neighboring our training facility, Annexair has built an extensive showroom exhibiting our complete product line and major supplier components. This modern environment can exhibit up to 8 completely assembled air handling units, which are wired and factory-piped such as any regular shipped unit would be. During training sessions, the Annexair presenter guides you through the display of units while allowing you to see, touch and listen. The showroom is located in the Ecoref building just adjacent to the Annexair main factory. It offers a quiet and stress-free experience of the Annexair world. We welcome you to come visit our showroom…it’s definitely worth the trip!

Come visit our showroom, it’s worth the trip.

This exhibition will allow you as our guests to recognize the high level of quality we set forth for every unit. We guarantee that one visit to Annexair will forever change the way you think about air handling systems