High Tech Testing Lab


Annexair recently invested millions of dollars into a brand new modern facility, Ecoref, which includes a State of the Art Climate Controlled Testing laboratory for unit testing. This high tech climate controlled chamber is not only impressive in size but can accommodate any refrigeration system Annexair can offer both air-cooled and water source heat pumps).The laboratory is approximately 35’ wide by 75’ long and 19’ high. It can reach 125°F db at 85°F wb simulating during summers worst case weather conditions.

This wash-down laboratory is made entirely of PVC; the following equipment is included:

  • Up to 100,000 CFM of air volume can be displaced using downdraft concept
  • High capacity humidifier
  • Underground 5,000 gallon closed-loop water tank
  • Annexair manufactured variable speed chiller and boiler for Water Source Heat Pump testing
  • Ducted air tunnel with temperature, humidity and CFM probes
  • Multiple Tek-Air airflow monitoring systems
  • Infrared camera for thermal imaging
  • Smoke generator for airflow visualization
  • Full time technician supervising unit testing