Research & Development

Our objective is to transfer all the product improvements benefits and cost reduction to the end-user

Always an advocate for innovation, Annexair knows that investing in Research & Development is a crucial factor to ensure that the company is well positioned for the future. Every year, Annexair invests 3% of its annual sales towards Research & Development. Our R&D team is constantly testing new materials, components and manufacturing methods to improve on Quality, Efficiency, Life Cycle, Hygiene, Unit Construction and Acoustical Performances only to name a few.

Using the latest 3D software, we simulate both small and large scale drawings to validate overall designs, installations, serviceability, and other aspects, to reduce cost, complexity and manufacturing labor. Our objective is to transfer all the benefits from product improvements and cost reduction to the end-user.

Simulation software is an important tool that is regularly used to optimize the footprint of a unit while verifying airflow performance. It ensures that air is equally distributed throughout the coils, filters, wheels, or any other component.

Example of large scale drawings created by our R&D department

Simulation software is also useful for smaller details such as wheel gear drive mountings and condenser fan assemblies.


Another key mandate of our R&D department is to evaluate the temperature reaction of all components that are found in Annexair air handling equipment. Using our State of the Art Climate Controlled Testing Laboratory, which is able to reach temperatures as high as 125 °F dry-bulb at very humid levels, while units are in operation, facilitates diagnose of thermal imaging of materials and components for our R&D technicians. If results do not satisfy our requirements, a committee of engineers will take the necessary actions to find appropriate solutions, and permanently integrating them into the production process.