Factory Tour

Our Manufacturing Facility

  • Ecoref factory - a division of Annexair Group

  • Annexair new testing lab
  • Unit being tested in the laboratory

So Innovative, It's Unique in The Industry

''I believe that high-quality products can only be created in a clean, safe and positive environment''
President, François Lemieux

Our manufacturing facility has been designed according to contemporary management philosophies. Our plant has no interior dividing walls, is  well-lit, and includes an abundance of windows and benefits from quality air conditioning. The production process is centered on a Visual Manufacturing Concept 

The entire floor is brightly painted with designated walkways for maximum mobility, security and flow. In fact, the overall cleanliness of our factory is so immaculate one can actually apply the common expression, "so clean, you can eat off the floor"!

All of our employees wear color-coded garments that correspond to their designated work area. This offers a clear visual perception of each distinct manufacturing department. Qualified supervisors in each department maintain a rigorous quality-control method. The facility’s layout is designed to maximize productivity and promote safety throughout each step of the fabricating process. All units are constructed entirely in our state-of-the-art production plant with minimal need for outsourcing.