Our Products

Three Judicious Series to Choose From

1. Energy Recovery Units (ERU)

When it comes to energy recovery units, Annexair offers the largest variety of ERU’s in the industry. Each series is available in multiple configurations that include a wide range of options. The V-SIO configurations on this page represent only our most popular designs. Our engineering sales team will be pleased to assist you in finding the perfect product among the hundreds of configurations we offer for your projects.

 Enthalpy Wheel 
Single Wheel
Dual Wheel
Wheel with Fixed Plate one pass
Wheel with Heat Pipe

 Fixed Plate 
Single Fixed Plate
Dual Fixed Plate one pass
Dual Fixed Plate two pass

 Heat Pipe 
Single Heat Pipe
Dual Heat Pipe

2. Make-up Air Units (MAU)

Annexair’s makeup air units are ideal for projects that require 100% outside air. Our product line offers a large selection of units that can also be equipped with recirculation if needed. Some units are available with a fixed plate heat exchanger for dehumidification applications.

 Energy Recovery 
Fixed Plate
Heat Pipe

With Recirculation

3. Air Handling Units (AHU)

For projects where a conventional air-handling unit is required, we offer numerous possible configurations that will meet all your specifications and requirements.

Single Corridor
Dual Corridor

Retrofit Units

When your project calls for a unique system, Annexair can quickly propose a custom design. This custom build works in accordance to your specifications, including all existing equipment replacements. A field survey is all we require to begin the engineering process.