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Moving Air Efficiently

One of Ziehl-Abegg manufacturing facilities located in Germany.

At the end of 2005, Annexair was the first to introduce direct drive fans in our industry. While transitioning between both types of fans available, between conventional belt-driven versus direct drive, our sales engineers were able to educate the benefits of this new technology to our clients. By the end of 2007, we entirely implemented direct drive fans as the only fan available at Annexair. Since 2005, the accumulated expertise we have gained by the thousands of shipments done and the positive reaction we have seen, many of our clients have designated Annexair as the pioneers.

Among the fan manufacturers available, Annexair selected one of the world largest and most renowned suppliers, Ziehl-Abegg – a 100-year old company with over 3,000 employees world-wide that produce centrifugal backward inclined plenum fans, external rotor backward inclined centrifugal fans and axial fans in AC and EC technology. Ziehl-Abegg a company originating out of Germany has manufacturing facilities in 4 different countries, Assembly, Sales and Distribution subsidiaries in 25 countries and recently started their new North American manufacturing operation in Greensboro, NC.

The Annexair engineering team can use 2 types of fan assemblies when designing units, either horizontal (left) or vertical (right) configuration. Each of these fans is equivalent in performances, but allows our designers to optimize unit layout by selecting the proper fan for the proper airflow configuration. The horizontal model is more commonly used and it can be banked to form an array. Vertical models are mostly used for air handlers and mounted above the return air plenum section.

Horizontal fan assembly

Vertical fan assembly

Typical plenum fan with a premium efficiency motor. Note the construction of the inlet plate combined with the inlet cone as a single piece. This assembly is unique to Ziehl-Abegg.

Precise laser cutting machinery

Precise robotic welding

Precise fan balancing equipment

Precision method for anechoic rooms in accordance with ISO 3745 class 1,
AMCA 210-99 rated (Ziehl-Abegg)