Quality & Innovation


Being energy-conscious and environmentally responsible has had a tremendous impact in the industry. Customers require units that provide maximum performance while remaining extremely energy-efficient. Today’s Units have increasingly complex control panels that manage the many integrated electronic components and devices incorporated into the systems.



Annexair is constantly focused on exceeding customer satisfaction and expectations.In order to accomplish this, we rigorously update our unit testing policies and procedures. A delivered unit is a tested unit.

To manufacture and test these technologically advanced systems, highly trained and knowledgeable employees are a must! We have always ranked as leaders in the industry and maintaining this position requires ongoing adaptation and testing of all our products. The hiring of competent and skilled employees is reflected directly in every product we make. Annexair is proud to boast as one of the few North American facilities that have the capability to test all of its units, regardless of its size.

From a simple ERV to a complex Dual-wheel configuration equipped with a water source heat pump system, every unit we build is completely and thoroughly tested prior to shipping. Our testing procedures includes unit functionality and operation and refrigeration performance (all based on the operating sequence). Every air-cooled condensing unit is equally tested to ensure successful field start-ups.

When testing water source heat pump units, a special factory closed-loop system that uses a 4,000 gallon underground water tank is connected to the tested unit. A technician will adjust water flow (gpm) to match the exact project requirements while testing the unit. An in-depth verification of the unit is performed to guarantee a problem-free field start-up.






All Annexair products are ETL labelled.