Welcome to Annexair


Annexair is a privately held North American company established in 1998. We are focused exclusively on designing and manufacturing high-quality, energy-efficient air handling systems.

The majority of our product lines incorporate a variety of advanced energy recovery technologies which are designed for commercial, institutional and industrial applications. 

Since founding Annexair in 1998, entrepreneur Francois Lemieux has developed extensive knowledge from the best European HVAC manufacturers. This is entirely reflected throughout the organization and in every product.

Annexair represents a new generation of manufacturers that do not follow conventional trends; everything here is carefully planned, evaluated and validated. 

With 95% of our business sales performed in the United States, totaling 7,500 installed systems, we have built our reputation on innovation and customer satisfaction; we are experts in our domain.


Mission and Vision


Annexair’s mission is to offer high-quality energy-efficient products at all times, while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. To accomplish its mission, Annexair primarily relies on innovation and the strong involvement of its team.


Associated with green technologies and LEED buildings, Annexair has adopted a green mission. Thus, the organization's commitment to protect environments is also manifested in its design and production principles. Annexair designs its products with a view to maximize system performance efficiency minimizing energy consumption to all building owners.


Our vision and philosophy are based on a “Keep it Simple Principle” acquired from years of European influences. This belief puts the emphasis on smart ideas, eco-friendly decisions and durable construction.

Annexair, driven by this vision, was the first company in North America in 2006, to replace common belt-driven fans with direct drive fans; a much more efficient concept. We have since influenced the industry to change the manner in which air handlers are made.

We are continuously striving to be an industry-leading green contributor by offering energy saving solutions that reflect the LEED philosophy and actively help face the world’s energy crisis.  



Our vision is centered on the nine quality principles:


"We keep it simple"

Avoid Mistakes
"We do it right the first time"

Cleanliness & Neatness
"We keep things in order"

Clear Objectives
"We agree on the direction"

"Everyone is accountable"

"A clear message is key"

Observe Deadlines
"We meet our deadlines"

Quality Control
"We look at things closely"

Continuous Improvement
"Always looking for new ideas"