Training Center

Continuous learning is a key element for any organization that strives to differentiate themselves

Continuous Learning will always be a key element for Annexair. With our eyes wide open, and an open-mind to new ideas; our goal is to continuously analyze what we can do to make our products even better. Throughout the years, our clients recognize the experience and the know-how that sets us apart. Now, is the time to share our knowledge with you.

At the Annexair training center, a multitude of subjects are presented by our qualified engineers. These presentations can be given to groups of up to 30 people for either a half or full-day session. These workshops are individually tailored for the professionals we host: building owners, consulting engineers, service technicians, mechanical contractors, and last but not least, our own Annexair representatives. Groups can also attend technical presentations given by Annexair’s major suppliers for their new and existing products. LEED AP+ credits can be obtained.

The training center includes a 4,200 sq. ft. Showroom that houses an array of Annexair’s line of products. During training sessions, groups can easily visit the showroom to view and inspect the products in question. In our opinion, there is no better way to learn.

Annexair’s training center, with its modern architecture, clearly reflects the vision of the company. It provides a modern, motivating and stimulating environment for learning.