Our focus

Our commitment to quality and innovation
is more than just a statement

It's the central focus & culture of our organization


Our engineering team, including our R&D division, are constantly looking for ways to improve Quality, Efficiency, Life Cycle, Hygiene, Unit Construction and Acoustical Performances amongst many other features; all based on our philosophy of continuous improvement.

Our comprehensive approach to designing and manufacturing, combined with our enthusiasm for innovation, ensures that we deliver superior-quality to our customers. This unique approach focuses not only on meeting your project specifications but on exceeding them. This quality has made us a recognized leader in the industry.


Keep it Simple


Our vision and philosophy are based on a “Keep it Simple Principle” acquired from years of European influences. This belief puts the emphasis on smart ideas, eco-friendly decisions and durable construction. Annexair, driven by this vision, was the first company in North America in 2006, to replace common belt-driven fans with direct drive fans; a much more efficient concept. We have since influenced the industry to change the manner in which air handlers are made.

We are continuously striving to be an industry-leading green contributor by offering energy saving solutions that reflect the LEED philosophy and actively help face the world’s energy crisis.