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Proud Donation to...
No. 7
March 2013


Proud Donation to

Denver Rescue Mission

During summer 2011, Annexair was approached by the Rocky Mountain ASHRAE Chapter to participate in a special charity project as part of its 2013 ASHRAE Annual Summer Meeting, in Denver. Every year, the host city makes a point of promoting sustainability. This year, the efforts in this direction were made to the benefit of the Denver Rescue Mission Lawrence Street facility – a 300 bed shelter for people who come daily for nutritional meals, medical care, clothing and a safe place to sleep each night.

The Rocky Mountain ASHRAE Chapter has committed to support the shelter by replacing its deteriorating HVAC systems for new efficient equipment, while increasing the comfort of the occupants. This building was chosen due to its need for an in-depth energy assessment, technical design assistance, and the potential for highs efficiency system installations.

For these reasons, Annexair was asked to support this project. Honored by this request, we decided to join the group and donate a 7,500 cfm Energy Recovery Unit (ERU) to replace the existing Make-up Air Unit which serves the dormitory.

By replacing the outdated HVAC equipment as well as improving the building’s envelope, the Denver Rescue Mission will save approximately $19,000 per year on energy costs - which equals to 10,000 meals!

We wish the shelter a long and happy life, and are honored to support an organism that gives back to its community!
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