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Say Bye Bye Steel, Welcome Composite...
No. 5
April 2012


Say Bye Bye Steel, Welcome Composite...

HygieniusLine Series

Thermo-Composite Unit Casing

The HygieniusLine marks the beginning of a new age in the manufacturing of air handling units - introducing hygienic casings entirely made of thermo-composite. This brand new concept, unique to Annexair, is totally changing and improving our manufacturing process and components selection resulting in unsurpassed product quality without any significant cost increase.

The complete HygieniusLine will include 3 main categories; series 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. Each one is designed to meet and satisfy particular market needs. From elementary schools, needing standard products to custom healthcare units with higher requirements, Annexair is currently in the process of transferring our conventional steel casings into new thermo-composite material... Learn more