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One visit is worth a thousand words
No. 10
April 2014


One visit is worth a thousand words…

Although the Internet now offers an exceptional window of the world and an infinite bank of information, nothing beats a face to face meeting and site visit in order to have an accurate picture of a company, its products and its people!

We are pleased to invite you to our Head Office & Factory located in Drummondville, Quebec, for a company presentation and a tour of our installations. During this trip, you will learn more about our philosophy, products and technologies, and have a chance to walk through our factories that are unique in our industry.

You will perceive how our production process is influenced by our "Visual Manufacturing Concept." You will gain a better understanding of our commitment to quality and innovation by observing our rigorous quality control process, and by visiting our unique State of the Art climate controlled testing laboratory. You will walk through our extensive showroom exhibiting real size units and major supplier components. Finally, you’ll be able to converse with our highly qualified engineers and technicians at any time during your visit.

Don't miss this opportunity. This trip will forever change the way you think about air handling systems...

Annexair Team

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