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Launch of Ecoref...
No. 1
November 2011


Launch of Ecoref...
State-of-the-art Facility


Annexair is constantly growing and looking for innovative ways to develop new products. For this reason, in 2011, Mr. Francois Lemieux’s visionary thinking led him to open a new division of Annexair called Ecoref.

The new building’s purpose is to manufacture new generation eco-energetic condenser–compressor systems; the AeroMod and AquaMod series. All products assembled in this new facility are branded Ecoref. This added value is an important factor in our market position. The design of such products reduces building energy consumption and competes with new ecological challenges. It follows LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), which encourages the philosophy of green buildings.

To take advantage of the synergy with the Annexair facility, the new branch is located directly on the adjacent lot on Bergeron Street in Drummondville, Quebec. This plant will open new horizons that will then offer distribution of our innovative products to the US and Canada alike.

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