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X-DRY ac Series - Precision Engineered Makeup Air Systems
No. 3
March 2011


X-DRY ac Series
Precision Engineered Makeup Air Systems

For projects in which return airflow is not possible and your only design option is a makeup air system, Annexair has the solution: the X-DRY ac Series. With its substantial refrigeration system modulating capacity and turndown ratio of up to 12:1, this new generation of makeup air system easily outperforms the competition.

The Most Advanced Energy Efficient Air Cooled Makeup Air Packaged Systems
The X-DRY ac Series (a packaged system for 100% outside air dehumidification), is available in seven capacity sizes. Each model comes standard with direct expansion cooling and hot gas reheat coils, with the choice of either gas, electric, hot water, or steam coil heating.

V3 Technology - Innovative Energy Friendly Engineering
Annexair has capitalized on advancements in compressor technology to create its revolutionary V3 technology; a concept that surpasses all other multi-stage techniques.

It’s no secret that 100% makeup air systems are the most costly to operate. Continuous set point satisfaction is the reason why these systems require greater amounts of energy. We designed our V3 technology to radically reduce energy requirements and even eliminate all peak loads at unit start-ups, aided by our soft-start compressors and their 30 to 90 Hz modulating capability. For example, a 22 ton unit will modulate from 7 to 22 tons and a 30 ton unit will modulate from 5 to 30 tons. The figure below demonstrates the modulating capacities of each casing size, from the minimum to maximum capacities including EER value for 30, 60, and 90 Hz operation.

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