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AeroMod (10 - 200 tons)
No. 2
February 2011


AeroMod (10 - 200 tons)

AeroMod condensing units represent a new generation of air-cooled refrigeration systems. Compared to conventional air-cooled condensing units, these systems are designed with precise head pressure control, advanced fine tube condenser coils, variable speed condenser fans and smart controls.

By using variable speed compressors, the concepts of multi-stage or hot gas bypass techniques are no longer required. As the load reduces, the compressor is capable of turning down its speed by maintaining the speed necessary for the load. The entire system coupled with variable speed condenser fans runs in head pressure control driven by our user-friendly controller and can match design requirements to ±0.1°F. Microchannel condenser coils, with their unique integrated receiver manifolds, out-perform today’s commonly used microchannel coils. As a result of the low power consumption during the part load operation, the combination of these features gives significant energy saving to building owners.