Annexair News

Merci for Another Great Great Year!
No. 6
March 2013


“Merci” for Another Great Great Year!
from the President

At this time last year, I was thanking all our customers for our best year ever, but then 2012 ended with a stunning 14% increase in sales versus 2011! Grateful and honored by the confi dence you have placed in us, I would like to reiterate my thanks to all our customers, and assure you that - despite our increasing success - we take nothing for granted, and will maintain our commitment to always exceeding our customer’s expectations.

This year, 99.5% of our units were shipped to the US and the balance to Canada. Despite the recession we are all living at the moment, we are extremely happy with these year-end results! According to the positive economic predictions for 2013-14, we hope to maintain our growth momentum in 2013.

With the additional staff hired this year, Annexair now counts 25 engineers and 10 HVAC technicians. Our new employees’ input should allow us to improve our internal practices, while increasing the quality level of our products.

Covering only 15% of the United States territory, our goals for 2013 are to expand our market representation, and increase our exposure to the HVAC world. With a stronger team in place, I am confident that we will achieve our goals, and more. Stay tuned!

Yours truly,

Francois Lemieux, President