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Celebrating another year of Great Performance ... from the President
No. 4
February 2012


Celebrating another year of Great Performance …
from the President

For most, New Year is a period of reflection; a time to revise and contemplate new objectives for the year ahead. In 2011, Annexair celebrated a long list of remarkable projects. As we welcome and thank all our new customers, we also want to extend our best wishes for 2012. I feel confident that you will appreciate the “Annexair Difference” and continue to enjoy the products you have purchased.

In 2012, Annexair will transform its current image into a remarkable new interactive website. This metamorphosis will include a modern web based “U-Design” selection software. Our new image, however, may leave our competitors feeling rather remorseful, for which we hold no apologies!

The year 2012 will shape the Annexair universe, its planets, and its inner culture. In sum, you can say the “Big Bang” has just hit us! Starting this year, we will create and launch a wide variety of new products, including new revolutionary concepts that are sure to amaze every one of you. Furthermore, we predict that between 2012 and 2015, our growth will bring us to higher levels of popularity and recognition. This increase in success will differentiate Annexair from all others in its field. We are like the electric vehicles of today compared to the Ford Model T.

During the past 4 years, we have worked tirelessly on Research & Development. Now, our new ideas are ready for launching! Today’s generation lives in a fast world of electronics, internet, smarter cars and modern new cities. Here at Annexair, we not only participate in this vibrant new world as observers, but rather strive to be active carpenters! Although quality in fabrication is better today than it was 15-20 years ago, there remains one apparent domain that calls for real improvement….HVAC Air Handlers! It was, is and continues to be our priority to change and improve Annexair’s products, while remaining dependable and affordable.

With modern times come higher expectations. Superior products and quality service are in demand everywhere. At Annexair, we guarantee an innovative and proactive approach in the world of HVAC equipment. We know that our cutting edge technology and uniqueness will continue to intensify and set us apart from all the rest.

Francois Lemieux – President of Annexair