Annexair News

New Website...
No. 2
December 2011


New Website...

With the launching of our upcoming “U-Design” selection software, we have entirely redesigned our website. Its modern look demonstrates our new image. Lively, educational and user-friendly, the table of contents is completely refreshed. We recommend that you regularly visit our two new sections; Annexair News and Product News (both found on the home page). Periodically, articles shown in these two sections will change in order to inform you of our latest news. Examples may regard the following: Annexair’s general news, latest product improvements, new options, new series and/or drawings available for the “U-Design” selection software. As well, our old “Factory Tour” has an improved image called “Quick Tour”. There is also a new section named, “Gallery”. This category is extremely innovative and includes 72 slides that display unit details. This is where you can really catch a good glimpse of the “Annexair Difference”.

We strongly believe that this is our best website ever and that it differs from those of our competitors. Please feel free to send us your comments. We welcome your feedback.

Have fun and enjoy!

Francois Lemieux – President of Annexair