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Annexair Superbowl – For the Win!
No. 9
April 2014


Annexair Superbowl – For the Win!

Ashrae 2014

Every year, Annexair makes it a point of acknowledging the excellent work of her Manufacturing Representatives through a special event, and this year was no exception! This time, Annexair’s Annual Hospitality Dinner, or should we say “Annexair Superbowl”, was held in New York City where, at the same time, was taking place the major NFL event.

More than 250 people attended the evening at the Lucky Strike Bowling Alley on 42nd street little knowing what awaited them. Quickly did the guests loosened their ties and exchanged their shoes against traditional multi-colored ones to compete in various friendly duels! A DJ, an MC, Cheerleaders, Prizes, good food and drinks (and we are not talking about Gatorade ...), all these elements were there – which resulted in a successful sporting event!  

How will Annexair top this off next year? We shall see…

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