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Looking to a brighter year in 2014…
No. 8
April 2014


Looking to a brighter year in 2014…
from the President

2013 has not been a particularly easy year for many businesses in and out of our industry. Is this due to the bad luck that the number 13 brings? If so, thank god it is now behind us … Or at least for the next 99 years!

On a positive note, the first quarter of 2014 has shown some encouraging signs that the economy is starting to come around in most areas throughout the United Sates. The US dollar is gaining strength as compared to the Canadian, which great news, Annexair products can be purchased at a lower cost for Americans.

In 2014, our plan is to work hard to finalise our selection software named U-Design. We hope to have an initial launch this summer for the first phase of the project. In addition, in 2013, 15% of all units shipped were made of Thermo-Composite, and in 2014 we anticipate this number to increase to 35%. Until now, all Thermo-Composite units were specifically indoor installations, but as of April, eligible outdoor units will now be available with Thermo-Composite panels and Thermal-Break framing system. Ask your Regional Sales Manager if your project is eligible!

Last year may not have been the best one so far, but with all the new elements in place, we are confident that 2014 will bring its share of success!

Francois Lemieux, President